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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 Chose wisely

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PostSubject: Chose wisely   Chose wisely Icon_minitimeSat 20 Oct - 1:09

Humans have never been on top of the food chain. They've been entertainment for beings much older and much more powerful. Angels. These beautiful beings are cruel and sadistic as they grow bored with their immortal life. They would play with humans for fun if they didn't have the Archangels to keep them on the right path.
It is they who decide which Angel governs which area. It is they that decided how humans should see them. Oldest, wisest and cruelest of all their winged brethren, only another Archangel can even harm them. Only Ten Archangels exist at the moment, they form the Council. Each rule over an area of the world.

Every year, Archangels get together to select no more than one thousand humans to gift with immortality. They do not become Angels, no, Archangels and their Angelic counterparts secret a toxin they must get rid of every few hundred years, that toxin, mixed with some human bloods turns them into vampires. A very selective test is done before the human is accepted into Vampirism. And they must fulfill a hundred year contract with the angel or archangel that has turned them. If they try to run away, Hunters will not only bring them back to their Master, but vampirism lets them survive what an Angel considers an accurate punishment. Living young forever comes at a price,

Hunters are humans born with the ability to track down and capture Vampires. There are two types of Hunters, the normal type, just humans that train from a young age to become what they are, and Hunter Born. These Hunters are the bloodhounds of the human world. They can track a vampire down with their scent. Technology helps them control the much stronger immortals.

Chose wisely if you Rule, if you are Ruled or if you hunt down the creatures of the night.
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Chose wisely
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