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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 Sanctuary broken

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Faith Stevens

Faith Stevens

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PostSubject: Sanctuary broken   Sanctuary broken Icon_minitimeSat 20 Oct - 20:18

The world wasn't what I had expecting when I left the refuge.. I expected large green forests, jungles, but then I saw big cities, dead earth, homeless animals struggling to survive. I felt sadenned by all that I saw. I didn't want to be part of this world, but I couldn't turn my back on what I had seen.
I wasn't known to the Ruler of this area, I ghosted my way to the greenest, most vibrant place I could find, far away from civilisation. I flew to the heart of the Amazon. From there, I built my own home, using dead plants, rotting animal hides and natural anchors. I built around trees, over streams, obstructing nothing. Any animal was welcomed in my home, it was theirs as well. They always had good ready for them, shelter from the rain, fresh water to drink, safety from any harm. I was proud of my little paradise. It was the peace I had sought.
Today the rain was falling hard, so my house was a little crowded by a small herd of deer and smaller, shy critters. Birds had also invaded my furniture, but they weren't too loud, which made me feel happy to welcome all of them. They wouldn't stay too long, just long enough to dry up before going back in their territory. I sat in silence, reading a book I had gotten from my travels. It told the story of a man and a woman, both werewolves, trying to find themselves through eachother. It was a romantic story, but it wasn't unbelievable. It made me feel emotions I didn't know how to describe. Maybe I wanted a love like that, but I didn't want anybody to destroy my sanctuary. My peace was precious, but the peace and safety of the animals were much more important to me.
However, this day I felt something was off. I knew something was going to happen. So as I sat down, my eyes stopped seeing the book. They saw wings, a clean tunic, long hair. A man. An angel. She saw him landing on her porch, scaring the deer and birds away. Then her book was back in front of her. She had stood up during her vision. An envoy. Her presence must have been felt by the Archangel of the area. He would send an Angel to meet her.
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Sanctuary broken
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