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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 Kalyann Cross

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Kalyann Cross

Kalyann Cross

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PostSubject: Kalyann Cross   Kalyann Cross Icon_minitimeSat 20 Oct - 20:33

Last Name: Cross
First Name: Kalyann
Age: Unknown Around 1117
Race: Vampire

Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Power of Gift:
2- Telekinesis

Description of Power of Gift:
1-Animorph is the ability to change into any kind of animals I wish to become. It gives be the ability of the animal I choose to become. I can take their speed their eyesight or what I need at the moment. The best is the ability of their stealth to spy at others! In battles it can be pretty resourceful for escaping or attacking my enemies.
2-Telekinesis is an ability that I can use with my mind. I can create an invisible wall or shield to protect myself from harm. This availability made me able to even build a shield in my head to protect myself of people wanting to mess with my mind. It’s actually pretty practical!

Psychological Description: I actualy never liked vampires ,being  transformed into one was for me my greatest nightmare becoming reality! I cannot stand vampires and what people don’t know is that I actually hate myself for being one. It made me become a loner not wanting to be around anyone. I will never kill anyone for a wrong reason, my head is straight and I know what I want! But I don’t trust my vampire side and never will I use it!

Physical Description: I’ve always been pretty slim but since I became a vampire my body became paler and my eyes who were once grey now becamed red/pinkish coloured. What is very unique about me is the color of my hair silver/purple and pretty long. I tried cutting it once but next day it had grown back to its full length. So now I just deal with it! My teacher always told me that the silver of my hair was because of the first animal I ever change to was a grey wolf.

Story: Younger I was raise as the fine young lady just to be ready to be wed. But it was never my wish to become a wife love was never a part of my life and I always wanted to proved that a girl was as good as a man! I eventually tried to disguise myself as a man to be acknowledged, didn’t work at all my father was so ashamed that to punish me he sent me to the dungeon. There he asked a guard to punished me, what he didn’t know was that it would be the worst thing to ever happen to me. The guard started to torture me, never have I let it get to me, and I always tried to stand up to him. But he was way stronger than me, not even did he tortured me he loved it and it came up to where he started to rapped me beating me up so bad, but one day it ended so bad that he beated me up to death! Bleading to my death it was actually the first time I could relaxe my mind but before all was done I saw an Angel appear right beside me and I lost consciousness. I woked up the next day changed and with new availabilities. He than made me enter the hunters guild and was made a hunter without my wish!
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PostSubject: Re: Kalyann Cross   Kalyann Cross Icon_minitimeSat 20 Oct - 22:10

Watch the grammar!

Kalyann Cross Alices10
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Kalyann Cross
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