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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 The head of the Seven

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Date d'inscription : 2018-10-21

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PostSubject: The head of the Seven   The head of the Seven Icon_minitimeSun 21 Oct - 2:00

Work started as normal. My Lord arrived by the rooftop, he never landed since his office was on the top floor, he just took the quickest route. He was no-nonsense, direct. I was to assist him as he met with locals. Mostly the news media and business partners. Humans were always so curious about angels, but even more so when it came to Archangels. Since his meeting with the hunter Elena, my Lord had changed, but my loyalty had not. He'd become more...human I believe was the word Lijuan had used. In my eyes, he grew as a man and as a power. He had killed his fair share of enemies. After the meeting with the humans which lasted much too long in my opinion for the same stupid things, the seven were to meet for our orders. Lord Raphael always only had seven bodyguards. I was the Oldest of the seven the Head of security and the closest friend Raphael had. Venom, a vampire made by the Archangel Neha who has a pair of unique eyes that resembles a snake was the youngest. Naasir was a unique cat-like vampire-like creature born of a madman's experience was the third vampire in our group. Galen stayed at the refuge, keeping an eye on everything there, he is the weapon's master. Illium, the blue-winged pretty boy was the heart of the Seven. He was always light-hearted, laughing, all to hide his sad past. Aodhan was the artist, both in battle and on an easel, his unique wings looked like millions of crushed diamonds in the light. And finally, there was the black wings of Jason, the Lord's spymaster. We all did our job very well.
We all got our tasks for the time being, I was to stay here in case someone needed to speak with Raphael. I left him in his office as his consort arrived, I pissed her off for the hell of it by seducing her with my scent lure, making her body desire me while her head and heart hated my very existence. Dodging the dagger she threw at me, I winked and left for the lobby. The women at the front desk stood up and saluted me, flirting. Always. I don't remember if I even ever used my ability on them, nor did I care, if I needed a snack, they wouldn't refuse me. The only person to have ever refused me was now tied to my Lord as his consort.

"Dmitry, Sir? There's someone here to see you."

Pulled from my thoughts, I looked at the tiny blond woman that spoke to me. A lobby attendant. I sighed as she blushed under my gaze.

"Well? Where is this person?"

She jumped and walked towards a woman standing in the bright lobby. I didn't think I knew her.
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Date d'inscription : 2018-11-28

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PostSubject: Re: The head of the Seven   The head of the Seven Icon_minitimeThu 29 Nov - 15:16

He stoic voice made me smile. Dmitry had never been a very patient man. As he walked towards me, I turned to look at him. He seemed to not recognize me before that very moment. After all, he and I had a very long and passionate history together. He'd been the closest I ever had to a lover, but it was never that official. He could keep seeing others and so could I. But the sparks between us when we were in the same room were so hot and bright, anybody could see them.
And again, the moment he got close enough, I saw his burning passion in his eyes, my passion had been ignited for much longer. I had been thinking about him since entering the plane. I hated to admit it, but he was the only reason why I came to North America this day. My Lady had given me some vacations, and I decided that Dmitry would accompany me. I had already sent a...request to his Lord. Not leaving him a choice really, but Raphael did not dislike me, I had always been honest with him. I told him who I was, why I was there and the information I wanted.
Today, however, the vampire standing in front of me was who I wanted. With no hesitation, I wrapped my arms around his neck, digging my fingers in his hair and pressing my body against his before kissing his lips slowly. Feeling his hands on my hips, I knew he was pleased to see me too. His scent lure surrounded me, burning my body like hot wax, it made me shiver and press myself more against him.


The kiss stopped so we could both look at the woman that brought him to me. Her face was flush, she couldn't look at us in our faces.

"Sir, Miss...you're disrupting the others..."

A small smile on my face, I licked Dmitry's neck, feeling him shiver before I moved back a little.

"We were just saying hello. Dmitry, Darling, may we continue speaking elsewhere?"
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The head of the Seven
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