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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 The Seven

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PostSubject: The Seven   The Seven Icon_minitimeSun 21 Oct - 2:05

The Seven consist of 7 immortals that guard the Archangel, Raphael. These are playable Characters, but I will be very strict about them.

Dmitri: [Used]
Raphael's Second-in-Command and Head of Security at the Tower. An old friend of Raphael. He is over a thousand-year-old vampire. He has the ability to use a Scent-Lure or Seduction.

A vampire made by the Archangel Neha. He has a pair of unique eyes that resembles a snake.

A mysterious creature who is both vampire-like and cat-like.

An angel who resides at the Refuge. He is the Weapons Master.

The heart of the seven.

A secretive angel whose wings are like crushed diamonds reflecting in the light.

The spymaster who gathers information for Raphael. He is an angel with black wings.

The Seven Alices10
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The Seven
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