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 Khoeli of the Moon

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PostSubject: Khoeli of the Moon   Khoeli of the Moon Icon_minitimeThu 29 Nov - 0:08

Last Name: Forsakened
First Name: Khoeli
Age: 672 years young

Sex: Woman
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Powers or Gifts:
1- Mirage
2- Dance of Petals

Description of the Gifts or Powers:
1- Mirage and Dance of Petals go hand in hand. I use petals to create mirages of myself mostly, to confuse my opponent and strike from an unexpected angle. However, creating these mirages needs two key ingredients that I have no control over, the right humidity and the right light. If both are present, there's no stoping my ability.
2- Dance of petal requires no outside agent to be created. Furthermore, it doesn't have to be with blossoms, when in battle, I use milions of metallic shards. Sharp as razors, I use them to create my crimson dance. To be cut a thousand times before you can even defend yourself is my most deadly dance. But I've been told it's quite beautiful to watch.

Physical Description: Not much else can be said, my hair reaches my knees and I'm always dressed to impressed.
Psychological Description: When I am not a model of beauty and poise, I remind people that I am before all else a warrior. I do not like to lose and I don't accept it unless I can't move any longer. I am a proud woman, but I can stoop so low as to use my physique to get what I want. However, it's stops at a tease, I will not go as low as sleeping with a man for information. I enjoy leaving myself as a mystery to people. Let them guess, let them want more.

Story of your Human life: I was born and raised in a poor farmhouse near Persia. I was already pale back then because my mother had been unfaithful towards the man I called father. The one that was biologically my father was from a waring country in Greece. Mother wanted me to be a proper lady, marrying me would help the family, but I was always trying to run under the shadows of flying angels, wanting wings of my own. However, I did grow to be a proper lady. one that can wield a sword. My Mother did marry me off to a rich old man, he never got to touch me. After the wedding, after my family got the money he paid for me, I ran away. I ran to Venice and was discovered by Michaela.

Story of your Vampiric life: I stayed human for a total of 23 years before being chosen to become a vampire. I had no wings, but my new strenght and speed made me feel just as free. My Lady Michaela had me trained in combat, trained to be a spy. Even though she hated that i had beauty, she saw potential in using it, and I agreed. I have been one of her favorites for a long time, but lately, she has a lot of trouble staying in our world. The death of her child was a great loss to everyone.

Which Archangel or Angel do you serve? Michaela
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PostSubject: Re: Khoeli of the Moon   Khoeli of the Moon Icon_minitimeThu 29 Nov - 0:09


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Khoeli of the Moon
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