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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 Alexis Wulf

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Alexis Wulf

Alexis Wulf

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Date d'inscription : 2018-12-02

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PostSubject: Alexis Wulf   Alexis Wulf Icon_minitimeSun 2 Dec - 23:01

Last Name: Wulf
First Name: Alexis
Age: 320 years old

Sex: Male
Sexuality: Open minded

Powers or Gifts:
1- Telepath
2- Camouflage
3- Cobra's dance

Description of Gifts:
1- Although not very powerful, I am able to read people's minds. They need to be "softened" sometimes, but it is possible for me to hear their thoughts. However, if they know how to control their thoughts or block me out, it takes a tremendous amount of energy, giving me a bad migraine.
2- Compared to most angels, I can walk amongst the humans without them grouping around me to touch my wings or take pictures, I have the ability to hide them, complete camouflage. Sadly, if a feather should fall or be cut, they would become visible again. So I must still be careful.

Physical Description: [Anything we cannot see on your avatar]
Psychological Description: [What are you like?]

Story: [Provide at least five complete lines]

Which Archangel do you serve?[see the council]

Do you own or want vampires?
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Alexis Wulf
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