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Angels, Vampires, Humans, governed by Archangels. What else could you want?
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 Rules of the Council

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Rules of the Council Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Council   Rules of the Council Icon_minitimeSat 20 Oct - 12:23


This is an Adult forum. Sex is allowed, detailed acts of sex and violence are encouraged.

The Rules are simple:

-Have an Avatar that represents your character. No more than 200 px wide
-Have a name that is not your own and contains no numbers. This is your character's name, not a random pseudonym.
-Try to have accurate Grammar, as this is an adult forum, I don't want to see something like this: "As she did something ridiculous, he loled."
-Try to make a real post, not two or three lines, it doesn't allow your partner to reply very well if the answer is too short.
-Your character sheet must be complete an accepted by the Admin before you can begin your adventure.
-Respect is a must, if another player insults or threatens you in the nonplay areas, let the Admin know and She will assess the situation.
-You will have three warnings only, if the issue is not fixed, you will be deleted and blocked from this site.

Have Fun!
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Rules of the Council
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